Wednesday, June 20, 2007

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These Seminars are offered to promote the open nature of Aikido, the dojos and the people who take part in the joy of unrestricted practise.
Each seminar is open to all levels of Aikido experience regardless of background.

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Our kind thoughts and comments can only encourage and consolidate communion with fellow Aikidoka and help to invigorate the spread of Aikido and good will upon the earth.

Seminar one. Adelaide 21st - 22nd July.2007.
Adelaide Aikido members and representatives. All contributed to one another with warm appreciation.

Seminar two & three 25th & 27th July.2007

Seminar two. AKI Balmain Dojo 25th July.2007

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Seminar three. Sydney Makotokan Dojo 27th July 2007

Seminar three. Newcastle Dojo 28th - 29th July. 2007
Newcastle Aikido Seminar.

Bob Gibbon Sensei Memorial Visit.

The Newcastle seminar with the support of its members deemed to be an all round special experience, with respect and thoughts to honor the memory and great efforts of the late Bob Gibbon sensei. It was the wish of Satoshi sensei to visit the memorial plaque and burial place of Bob sensei with Bobs mother. Satoshi sensei was deeply appreciative of Mrs Gibbon for sharing her visit to Bobs site with him and Gaby. ( Mrs. Gibbon was touched by the meeting and kind gesture. ) Takeda Satoshi sensei expressed his desire to maintain a regular remembrance to Bob sensei. It is very important to remember Bob and his time with us because of the important and significant levels he achieved throughout his life. His commitment to A.K.I. and his own Aikido development will always be acknowledged and highly regarded.


I am most pleased at the positive outcomes from the success of these seminars.

First of all and always thank you Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan for the great supportive attitude and encouragement toward the many positive activities coordinated by individuals within the AKI Network Internationally. Also thank you Takeda Satoshi sensei for conducting classes inspired through a long time study of Budo and the affectionate link with the Aikido of Takeda Shihan.

I won’t comment on Aikido style, techniques, feelings or inspirations I will leave that up to those participants who attended any of the seminars. I will comment though on the willingness shown by people to contribute and to show their desire of will. To contribute with sincerity is to not hold back and to a great extent indicates a willingness to expose ones true heart to others and what a wonderful image of Aiki and humanity is drawn from such a gesture. My impression was that partisipants regardless of rank, age and level of experience were willing to take on what was presented to them with a willingness of heart, to explore beyond their own perseptions and expand on what was comfortable to them before the seminars.( Congratulations to all on moving forward. )

To all who contributed thank you. To Shane Mann for his kind consideration to include me in assisting with his idea to have Takeda Satoshi sensei visit and conduct seminars. I appreciate your thoughtfulness. Thank You.

Thank you Adelaide Aikido members and groups: Aikido UKA. Yvonne Chun-Wing sensei and Patrick Crogan, Aikido Yuishinkan. John Ward sensei, Aikido KA. Gianni Zandal sensei.
AKI Adelaide. Paul Reid and David Dempsey. Robert Sterling for his fine filming and photos.

Thank you Sydney Aikido members and Groups: AKI Balmain. Stephen Seymore sensei, Ayano sensei and Michael Dunne sensei. Also members who travelled to Balmain from away to practice.

Thank you Sydney Makotokan Dojo: Bill Haynes sensei and Tony Cox. Also to Colin Hackett sensei and members from Central Coast Aikikai.

Thank you Newcastle members and Groups.: AKI Newcastle. Gaby Den Hollander sensei, Peter Alsop sensei, David Williams and Veronica Clipsham and Members .

*( A special and much appreciated thank you to Mrs. Gibbon )*

Thank you for your thoughtful kindness and good will towards one another and to Takeda Satoshi sensei.

I look forward to the next we meet.



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