Sunday, August 20, 2006

July 23rd Fudoshin dojo conducted adult kyu grading tests and promoted several members.
Vicki Lewis 5th kyu, Thomas Gibbings - Johns 4th kyu and youngest adult Ken Harding 2nd kyu pictured below. All honored themselves and the dojo by the manner in which they conducted themselves and presented their heart through the tests.
The grading process is an intrigal expression of any dojo and a characteristic very personal and specific to the dojo, its chief and the member students.
Not unlike the nature of Aikido itself , so to is the spirit of grading.

I am Happy to announce that Aikido Kenkyukai Fudoshin Dojo Australia has selected from its members this years candidates for dan grade promotions. Three sho dan and One ni dan grading tests will take place over the period September 27 - 29 then October 21 - 25. There will be regular class on these dates followed by Grading tests. A welcome is offered to any A.K.I. members, who may be in the Noosa area over the Grading period to visit.
A.K.I. Fudoshin dojo: Our aim is to instill Quality with Integrity into the character of its students.

The first Fudoshin dojo established in 1992 at P/matta was where Fudoshin dojo found its roots and was where I found within the heart of the students at that time the catalyst needed to discover and interpret the lines of inspiration that directed me to align a process of teaching compatible to my personality.
Founding members who began as junior kyu grades and worked through the difficulties surrounding the elevation process to shodan were the first dan grades of the Fudoshin dojo. Students touched by the training were well prepared to pass on to their next level and an assured ability to meet the future challenge in which ever dojo they choose to enter. Tony Cox, Christian Diaz, Berin Mackenzie and Glen Sharples all of whom appear in this early photo have all moved on into life's flow. Also appearing guest instructor Takeda Satoshi sensei in the center of the pic.
The Fudoshin dojo attributes its inspiration and Quality teaching success to its ability at interpreting the Aikido transmission of two most influential Mentors, the late Yamaguchi Seigo Shihan whose original brilliant Light effectively passes on and through our Mentor Takeda Yoshinobu Shihan who further stimulates the minds Light. Fudoshin dojo dan graduates are steadily increasing yearly and are expanding outward like seeds in the wind. This expansion serves no other purpose than to honor our Mentors.