Monday, February 19, 2007

February 2007. Gaby Denhollander,Dr. Peter Alsop, David Williams, Tony Cox (Makotokan Dojo Castle Hill) and Members of the A.K.I. Newcastle Dojo. All of whome contributed greatly with there efforts and enthusiasm to a successful weekend of Aiki exploration.
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As there are particles among us from every creature that ever drew breath on this earth, then so is it with Masters who we have with Aikido. If it is possible to visualise and actualise our own Aikido then why not visualise and give tribute to all or any one of our great masters.The gesture may touch us with inspiration


Chickos Dream

Aikido technique development may alter the mind and body.

More important open to other realms, Aiki-Mind and Mind of the Heart.

Aiki-Heart the heart of affection, compassion, wisdom and respect is where Aikido true technique lives. Within is the Truth.

Aiki Heart is the dream for each person, our own dream. You cannot share my dream although our dreams may become our shared reality.

Exploration from a true Aiki-Heart, only Aikido emerges.
The affectionate Heart is where Aikido lives. When your Heart is true, then your technique is correct.

Aikido is an affectionate Heart, an affectionate Heart lives in Light. In the light of Love, here is Aikido. This is my reality. This is my practice.